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RAKUTOOL is the special weeding tool of rice paddy.
It protects paddy during get rid of weed between interrow space and hills at the same time.


For farmers engaged in organic farming, weeding is an important part of the rice harvest, but at the same time, it is physically demanding and expensive. And also, it is a task that requires "long hours of work. The attachment-type weeder "RAKUTOOL" for riding rice transplanters was created to solve these problems.

Kantokoushinetsu store,Tohoku store,Chushikoku store and Kyushu store.


Now available at dealers nationwide.
Now available at dealers nationwide.


Ride-on type makes work easy.

You can work in muddy paddy fields without walking through them.
The physical burden is also lessened.

Special mechanism

Weeding between interrow space and hills at the same time makes reduce working house.
It takes about 990㎡/40mins.

High weeding effect &Low damaged rice rate.

Weeds are weeded without damaging the rice plant in a short period of time with a special mechanism.

Attachment type

No power required as it is attached to the existing rice transplanter.
Simple structure keeps the price low.

Compact & High-spec

Easy to work in narrow or deformed paddy fields in mountainous areas, etc. Compact design for easy maneuverability.

The images and movies shown on this website are prototypes in the development stage. Please contact the distributor for actual specifications, etc.

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Common mechanical weeders have the problem of being highly effective at weeding while at the same time increasing the risk of damaging the rice plants. RAKUTOOL is an unprecedented new weeding mechanism that does not damage the rice plants and can exert powerful weeding power in a short period of time.

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